Reward & Referral Program

Techsoi Technologies Reward Points & Referral Program Details


Techsoi's Reward and Referral Program Terms & Condition


The Techsoi Points reward points program sponsored by is designed to help you get the most out of your membership. We reward you for doing the things consumers already do and the points those are earned can be used to purchase more products. The following Rewards terms and conditions contain important information regarding the Program. Please read the following Rewards Terms and Conditions carefully.


·       For Signing up into a consumer will get 10 points as reward point.

·       For liking our FaceBook Page while signing up, consumers will receive additional 2 points.

·       For Positive reviewing (5 Star) our FB page, members will earn 2 points.

·       Members may avail additional 5 points for referring each of the friends/ family members.

·       Consumers will get 1% as reward point of the total purchased value. Example, if a consumer purchase 100tk product, he/she will get 1 point.

·       In addition, if a member review on their purchased products; for each product review members will get 2 points.

·       Techsoi Technologies reserves the right to modify these Rewards Terms and Conditions at any time, without any prior notice.

·       This Program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another rewards program by Techsoi Technologies.


Techsoi's Points Redemption


·       1 Reward Point equals to 1 Taka.

·       Consumers can redeem their points only when they have at least 100 points in their account.

·       Reward points can be redeemed only from

·       Points are not redeemable for cash.

Techsoi's Points Expiration


Purchases Points will expire 12 months from the date they were first earned. If Member does not redeem Points within this time frame, Member forfeits all such Points.